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Why Fuji? (and why I don't shoot Raw)

Back in 2011 I was shooting Canon. I had a 40D and a stupid amount of other gear. I used to carry two light stands, ring flash adapter, two flashes, umbrella, and a foldable soft box. I had a lot of lenses at that time too. I had a car in those days, which certainly helped lugging all that equipment to shoots.  

Before I carry on with how I got into shooting with Fuji X cameras I need to back track a little to 2005, which is when I first got into photography. I bought a Canon Ixus V from a friend at the end of 2004 and I got hooked very quickly. Soon after I bought a DSLR (Pentax K70)  which turned to be a huge mistake. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, so took it back to Jessops who very kindly (and much to my relief) let me swap it for a Fuji F11 and a Fuji S7000. These two cameras really helped me understand photography a lot more and then when I was ready to move onto a DSLR again I went with Canon, purely because I had started with them. I bought the amazing 350D and that was it until 2012.

As I said before I was carrying a ridiculous amount of gear and was starting to get sick of it. Fuji had released the X100 and the X10 in 2011 and I read a lot about them and they really caught my attention. Late in 2011 I bought the x10. Basically it was a compact P&S and it certainly had its faults but was great fun to shoot with. In 2012 Fuji released the fantastic XPRO1 and after doing lots of research I decided I had to have it! I sold the X10 and all my Canon gear (except one flash as Fuji's work with any make) and bought both the XPRO1 & X100.

The Fuji cameras suit me so much more than a DSLR. They are a lot lighter, they are mostly gorgeous to look at (the X100 series is a design classic) and they are just so much fun to shoot with. I have been through a lot of the X-series cameras over the years and while they have not all been amazing, I really cant see me ever using any other brand into the future (except Ricoh-more on that in a second).

I have bought the following Fuji X-series cameras.

X10  - bought and sold

X100 bought and sold

XPRO1 bought twice and sold once - using now (joint favourite ever camera)

XQ1 bought and sold

X30 bought and sold

X-E2S bought and sold(and third best camera I have ever used)

X100T bought and sold

X-S1 bought and sold (for video but never used)

X70 bought twice and sold once - using now

XPRO2 bought and sold

X100F bought and using now (joint favourite ever camera)

X-E2 bought and sold

X-E3 bought and sold

At present I shoot with the XPRO1 (just bought again), the X70 and the X100F (and will upgrade to the x100V when I can afford it)

One of the Fuji cameras strengths is the image quality. I process all my images in Lightroom, and when the Fuji X series launched LR couldn't read Fuji Raw files so couldn't be processed , and after shooting Raw with Canon I had no choice but to use Jpeg at that point. Fuji are obviously very well know for their years of experience of film stock and they have been able to bring that into their digital cameras with superb colour and black & white simulations within the camera menus. Couple that with the quality of the jpegs and there really is no need for me to shoot Raw. I simply carried on shooting Jpeg and I am more than happy with what I get from those. 

I said before that I wouldn't use any other brand, however I have become a little obsessed with the Ricoh GR series. The GR3 is simply the perfect street/everyday camera. It's tiny, silent and while looking 'cheap' is a quality tool that I love to use. 

Keep Shooting.

The cameras I am using at present

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