Remote Shoots

I mentioned in my last post about how I have been shooting models over the internet using Skype or Zoom. Someone asked me how they work and what the process is. I thought I would make a small post just explaining how easy, and incredibly simple they are.

The quality on these is never going to be top notch (unless you have amazing HD equipment) but for me, they are what they are. Fun, easy and certainly of their time - in the present climate (covid -19 locking everyone down).

I did my first one of these in 2018, and could only find reference to one other photographer who had done it before, so thought it was innovative, and original and planned to do loads of these.

The first ones were done on my tablet with a big screen, and I think the models I shot used tablets, laptops and one used a phone. 

I have done another 4 recently and they have all been done on my phone. 

It has definitely gained traction as a way to shoot in the last few weeks with many people doing them now. This guy on Instagram has been doing loads of them ( ) and my favourite fashion photographer , Filthy Mouth Creative has done some  too (hers are really cool).

It's a very simple set up. Using phones makes it so simple. The model can hold it while been shot or just rest it on a table, or even the floor. I guess it would be easy to take screen shots but I actually photograph the phone screen. 

Processing is the most time consuming part as nearly every shot needs to be cropped to take out the area around the screen, although I have left that in occasionally.

If you're a frustrated model or photographer who is desperate to shoot, then I recommend giving this a try. It will never replace a 'real' shoot but it certainly fills a gap at the present time. 


Keep shooting.


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