I mostly shoot wide angle and always have done. I'm not sure why but I think the first lens I ever used was a 35mm (50equiv) and as I liked to get close to the people I was shooting I think it just stayed that way. 

The longest lens I have ever owned* was a 60mm and I didn't like it and never really used it so got rid pretty quickly. I did have a 56mm f1.2 and I loved  that lens. It was pin sharp, even wide open and helped create beautiful portraits but I didn't use it as often as I should and also got rid of that not too long after getting it. I did use it a couple of times for street and although the results were amazing I felt like I was 'cheating' as I was just too far away and it felt too voyeuristic. 

The longest lens I own right now is the Fuji 35mm f1.4 that originally came out when Fuji first launched the X series. Mine is slightly battered and well used but its a beautiful lens and I use it a lot when shooting portraits and model photo's. This is probably my favourite length although 23 mm is a close second. 

The Fuji X100 series has the 23mm (35 equiv) and is ideal for street photography , as well as portrait/model shoots. It's a real 'all round' lens and I think is similar to what you get with a camera on a phone. It's also considered the nearest to the angle we actually see. I have two lens I can add to the X100F and they give me the equivalent in full frame terms of 28mm and 50mm.

The Fuji X70 has a 18.5mm lens (equiv 28mm) but I use it with a wide extension lens that gives me a 21mm equivalent, which I love for both street and model shoots. In reality it's too wide for portrait but I like the effect it gives.

The widest lens I own is a 7.5mm (11 equiv) which obviously gives a fisheye look to images. I love using this on buildings. I actually enjoy using it on street too as it's so wide I don't even need to point at my subject and it will still get them in the shot. Obviously at 7.5mm I literally have to be next to them to get them big enough in the shot!

I sometimes think I need a longer lens but then I would probably never use it and so will carry on using the wider lens that I favour. It suits my style and it just makes me more comfortable when shooting people I know or strangers on the street. 

I tell you what though, I do miss that 56mm f1.2!


1 & 2  - 56mm

3 & 4 - X100F - 23mm

5 - X70 - 14mm

6,7 & 8 - 7.5mm

*I do own old manual Pentax lenses and an adapter to use with my Fuji body but I have never actually used them.

Keep shooting.

Different lenses

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