Street photography is a much loved genre which is becoming more and more popular as more people discover it through smaller cameras and of course mobile phone camera use. It's also probably one of the most, if not the most misunderstood form of photography you can do. 

Two incidents which raised a lot of publicity recently were the photographer who was attacked after making a photo of a couple hugging at the Notting Hill carnival and of course the furore surrounding Japanese street photographer Tatsuo Suzuki. Whatever your opinion on these incidents it doesn't alter the fact they both had the law on their side. Morals and ethics of course are  another thing. This post isn't about that though, and more about my love of street photography, how I got into it and who influences me. 

I will do another post regarding the law, ethics and styles of street photography at a later date. 

I fell into street by accident really. I had made some street photographs as early as 2013 but didn't do it very often and certainly didn't know it was called street photography at that time. I would maybe make three or four shots and that would be it. In December 2016 I had no model shoots planned and decided I would go into town specifically with the intention of doing some street. It was Xmas time, the markets were open and it seemed like a good idea.  I came home with over 200 (mostly crap) shots, but I was hooked. From then on, and up until lockdown (in March 2020) , I have made street photographs at every available opportunity. 

I started to do my homework and look for others who made street and try and see a direction if I wanted to take it in. To cut a long story short, all the usual names came up in my searches.

BressonDiane ArbusJill Freedman,  Daido MoriyamaRobert FrankWilliam Klein,  Saul Leiter and many more. I loved them all but still hadn't found 'the one' (although Jill Freedman has become a real favourite - check out her instagram

With a bit more knowledge and more investigation I came upon photographers who I think prove the point that it's not easy to create incredible images, and also fill me with so much inspiration.

If you don't know any of the following photographers then please have a look at their work. Not all strictly street photography but each one a genius in what they do. 

Gary Winogrand - article / Instagram

Tatsuo Suzuki - web site/ Instagram

Vivian Maier - web site / Instagram

Tish Murtha -  web site /  Instagram

Larry Niehues - web site / Instagram

There are of course many many more out there, and at some point I may do blog posts on some 'unknown' photographers who deserve much more recognition. 

Keep Shooting


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