I've been shooting people for about 15 years and from time to time people ask me what influenced me to do the model shoots I do. Over that time there have been many different things that have inspired me and given me ideas for shoots.Magazines, films, music, and obviously other photographers, and even some models have all weedled their way into my brain to help point me in certain directions.

I think the first thing was page 3 (believe it or not)! Half naked women in newspapers seems such a bizarre idea these days but at the time it was considered normal. That and the glamour of rock star imagery was also a huge influence. 

The first photographer who would had a massive affect on me - and still does to this day - was the Crazybabe man himself, Bob Coulter . I love everything about his style. He came from a music background, working in New York at the start of punk in America, and the whole CBGB's movement. From there he moved into shooting sex workers, from porn stars to strippers and created an aesthetic that he has stuck with ever since. Grungy,  dirty, and garish, with a wide angle lens and often the lights he uses in the shot. 

Instagram has a bad side to it (influencers? - yuk) but a lot of serious photographers use at as a main representation of their work and I have found many amazing photographers on that platform who constantly inspire  me. 

Brook Olimpieri working as FilthyMouthCreative

Klose Photo

Dusty Wade

Kate Bellm

She Is The Fight

Nicoline Aagesen working as Mycameramyrules

There are of course many many others . I find new ones all the time  and some do get forgotten and have less influence as time goes on. 

Films and music has always had an  influence on me too and I have often used either as a starting point for deciding on locations or asking models to bring certain looks to fit in with the look I wanted to recreate. I always wanted to do a series of  'models as rock bands' but to this day I have still only done the one - I'm still convinced there are more to come!

I have also always wanted to do shoots based directly on films. Unfortunately I've only ever got around to doing two of those (one movie, one TV show)   , but again I feel it's something I will do more of in the future. 

On my next post I will talk about my street photography influences.

Keep shooting


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